My company name really wraps it up – I am Knight and I am all for uniting opposites and differences as I believe diversity brings more opportunities, several perspectives, better, more interesting results and increased profitability.

It’s good for people, it’s good for brands.

I’m half Swedish, half British. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Sussex, in the UK and the University of California, San Diego as well as a degree in Copywriting from Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm.

I have worked as a Copywriter since 1986 and as a Creative Director since 2004. 

On winning the Gothia Aademi 2015 Leadership Scholarship:
"Christina Knight has worked in the communications industry for almost 30 years and has throughout her career been a role model by teaching, inspiring and acting as a mentor to young women in this still male-dominated industry. She dares to question and be critical about her own industry. With the book "Mad Women - A Herstory of Advertising", she put the issue on the agenda which led to an annual gender equality survey in the industry, a TED talk and numerous international lectures. Christina's effort and enduring commitment has certainly contributed greatly to change the perception of leadership in the communications industry, an industry that greatly influences the public space in terms of role models, values nd beliefs, not least in a younger generation. Christina Knight is a great role model and well worthy of attention for what she is - a leader. "

Voices from some of our clients and references:

"Thank you so much for your talk on Monday. Several people at the agency feel so energized by it. They've mentioned how they will now definitely let their light shine. It came up in our board meeting too, as someone supported what a woman had previously said during the debate. It was quite simply a lecture that did not pass unnoticed."

Fredrik Runsiö, CEO, Reformklubben, Stockholm

"Now I have listened to you twice; after the first time I went out and got your book straight away. It's always great to listen to someone who understands who is in the audience and how to reach them. You were awesomazing! You touched upon something I have been battling with quite a bit, moral, justice and honesty and what the industry looks like. My hesitations were replaced today by curiosity and you gave me that feeling again, that I have made the right choice. That there are people out there who are willing to go all in to create change. Thank you for questioning structures and the imbalance of power. It's inspiring and motivates me that you speak out loud,in a good way and without saying that you are sorry. It was a good way of telling us "don't give up". Thank you!

Student at Berghs School of Communication, November 2015