I would like to reach out and say a huge thank you to SheSays Stockholm who kicked off in awesome style at Berghs Schhol of Communication in the evening of Wednesday 7th October. It was a full house and supposedly hundreds on the waiting list. It says something of the need of creative women to network and share professional advice and support. Short background: A few years ago, SheSays started to stop chatting about the fact that the world is pretty much half men, half women but hardly any women doing top jobs at agencies, and do something about it. SheSays holds events, where top females in the industry share their thoughts and help people work their way up. They also have their own award called The Golden Stillettos - the first ever wearable award for women who stepped it up. In some countries they offer career management and recruitment and are starting some courses on digital creative and production. You can come to free events around the world and meet other cool women, you can get a mentor (Yr Momma!), a job or even additional income through shout projects. So far SheSays are in the UK, Australia and Canada - and now, thanks to Frida Wansby and her cool team they are also alive and kicking in Stockholm, Sweden. On the opening night four of us - me, Sofia Svantesson at Ocean Observations, Jenny Theolin at Studio Theolin/Hyper Island and Lisa Rytter at Wrapp were asked to talk for 15 min each on the topic "How she got there". I was so impressed and intrigued by my fellow women's great stories, advice and their ability to present with humour and great talent. Then we opened up the floor to questions and there were some great ones from a terrific audience. We also had the opportunity to learn mor about GULDVÅGEN a new award in Sweden, but I'll tell you more bout that in a separte blog posts, as it deserves all the attention it can get! The evening with SheSays ended over glasses of wine and beer with great conversations and networking happening right there. Thank you so much, SheSays for inviting me and good luck on all your future events. Sharing means caring and growing!